Electronic cigarettes and vaping products were developed to give smokers an alternative to cigarettes that is both satisfying and potentially less harmful. However, vaporizers and electronic cigarettes have been met with great pessimism and are being attacked by the American Government.

Members who claim to support public health in the United States are also attacking e-cigarettes that deliver nicotine without the thousands of other carcinogens and tar that are in traditional combustible cigarettes.

The Center for Disease Control refuses to acknowledge the benefits of vaping, namely the serious reduction of risk that smokers will enjoy by switching to non-combustible nicotine delivery devices (vaping). Also, the CDC does not acknowledge that considerable evidence of immediate gains for respiratory health when people switch from smoking analog cigarettes to e-cigarettes and vapor products. Instead, the CDC is keen on dramatizing the increase in youth vaping and harm to children.

The FDA is responsible for the skepticism surrounding vaping by deeming vapor products and electronic cigarettes to be treated as tobacco products and therefore subject to the same laws and restrictions as analog cigarettes.

Although the FDA argues that there is an uptake in vaping among youth, adults should not have to suffer as a result. By removing flavors and reducing nicotine content some adults will quit vaping and go back to smoking analog cigarettes. It’s a modern day paradox that a government agency knows of a healthier alternative that will save lives, yet chooses to demonize it, sending smokers to an alternative that will kill them in the long run.

Vaping and e-cigarettes offer smokers a method to consume nicotine without the consuming the carcinogens and lethal compounds that cause cancer and kill smokers. We have long been aware that nicotine is not the problem in cigarettes, it’s the smoke from burning tobacco that kills smokers and causes a myriad of health issues.

E-cig flavors are very important in why vaping has been successful in getting smokers off of combustible cigarettes. Ask any vaper out there why the quit smoking and they will answer the same way, the flavors offered by electronic cigarettes were way more satisfying than stinky flavors they got from cigarettes. Regulating the flavors and restricting access to only tobacco flavors will greatly diminish the number of smokers who have taken up vaping as a means to quit cigarettes.

To conclude, we are not big Fans of the FDA and its efforts to restrict life saving vapor products from the hands of the people that need it the most. Smokers should have the right to live and restricting access to vapor product severely restricts that right. We support regulation but not over-regulation to the point where smokers do not have access to flavor vapor products or to the point were vaping become prohibitively expensive.